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When is the earliest time I can pick up?

The earliest time for online ordering pickup is set for 5:10PM, if you need it earlier, please give us a call and check, we may be able to process it quicker if there isn't advance orders in place! 303-678-0553

The pickup time says ASAP(up to an hour), should I come pick up in an hour?

Sometimes, with orders placed in at the same time, it may take up to an hour or even little more on the busiest days, but usually on the modest days, pickup times are in the range of 20 minutes - 40 minutes.

Servers will give you a call if it gets done earlier than expected. ​We thank you for your patience!

Will small orders get a priority?

We try our best to make every customer happy, although, it might not always be the case. There are times when we are able to squeeze small orders in between, but there are times we can't. With a general rule, orders are made in the order of being placed. 

I want to make a modification on my item, how can I do that?

Please do not add a modification of your choice on special request on online ordering section, instead give us a call and we are more than happy to take your order through phone calls. Sometimes, modification of your choice might not be possible, or involves upcharge.


Ex) requesting non-gluten free rolls gluten-free, adding items to a roll, etc.

Please reach out for any questions at 303-678-0553. Thank you for your support!

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